After the USSR supported Korean nuclear standoff with the United States, the world is both a smaller and bigger place.  Survivors have had to become frontiersmen in an almost unrecognizable environment, trying to pick up the pieces of what has been left behind with very different problems from war and politics.    Unofficially, the only known habitable places are small patches of land on the east coast of North America.   Among them, Eden Valley is near what used to be somewhere in Queens, NY.
  It's not uncommon for people living in Eden Valley to go missing. The landscape demands an unforgiving life which is often fatal-- especially in the early years.  The surrounding “Badlands” were eventually cordoned off with emergency beacons alerting authorities to anyone attempting to leave or any   thing   trying to enter the perimeter.  Recently, the beacons have been malfunctioning due to what appears to be vandalism.  With holes in the beacon grid, people of Eden Valley have been reported missing more frequently.  The only visible indicator in all cases would be a prolonged period of self instilled isolation of the person before their eventual disappearance.  The town is unsure of how to prevent the loss of any more individuals other than having the damaged and malfunctioning beacons repaired as often as possible.  Beacon repairs are a difficult and dangerous task, and often assigned to offenders of the law as a form of community service.
Jessie Graves
Liberty Girls
Jessie's Makeshift Flamethrower
Cult Leader (“Skullface”)
Jessie's Hover-bike
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